The Volga River panorama from one of Samara squares
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Soyuz rocket monument "Study Russian in a safe city, surrounded by beautiful countryside." If you've been thinking about a visit to Russia, consider spending some time with us in Samara, where you will enjoy small-town comforts in a city with big-town amenities. Whether you're coming to study Russian or to immerse yourself in the amazing culture and traditions of Russia ... Samara has a little something for everyone.
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Study Russian while traveling by a River boat Russian with Volga River cruise course. Experience our exclusive course and enjoy Russian language instruction on a comfortable river boat going up or down-stream on the Russian Mother-River Volga.
Lingumir students' life Cultural program. While studying Russian at Linguamir you can have a lot of fun: visiting the Airspace Museum or virgin countryside in the National Park, going downstairs to Stalin's scary bunker or sunbathing on long sandy beaches.


Stalin's bunker Wanna be a Hussar? A Linguamir student surrounded by Samara beauties How did the Mir space station look like? Grushin's music festival attracts hundred thousands of people A countryside Volga River trip
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